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Ver-Glow - Bubbler Vaporizer

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Ver-Glow - Bubbler Vaporizer 

Ver-Glow bubbler vaporizer is a 100% all glass – bubbler vaporizer! Ver-Glow offers the purist vapors, since it doesn't contain metals, ceramics or plastics. Ver-Glow provides the convenience of pure portability with no electric cords or batteries. Insert the small glass pellet in Ver-Glow followed by the herbs, than insert the diffuser heat sink and apply heat to enjoy the purist vapors. The glass pellet provides further filtration. Moreover, the collection chamber is specially designed to cool the vapors in order to acquire the right taste and aromas from any bubbler vaporizer. Made in USA


  • Smooth Disc Glass Pallet
  • Diffused Downstem  
  • Glass Joint: 18mm Male 
  • 10" Inches

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